The New Freedom Experience

“To participate in this world we must all respect and understand the influence of the arts.” – New Freedom Theatre

The New Freedom Theatre is home to many people who struggled with something we all struggle with, a sense of identity. The influence of Art in our everyday lives is imminent. When we look around nowadays, It is hard to miss out on such beauty. The art of movement in depicting a story is what the New Freedom Theatre strives for. “You are Beautiful”, a phrase used in each class session is something that is taught to individuals to remind them that they are one of a kind and are important.

So what exactly is The New Freedom Theatre? The New Freedom Theatre is an institution dedicated to achieving artistic excellence in professional theatre and performing arts training for the enrichment of our community.

Rooted in the African American tradition, The founders, John E. Allen, Jr. and Robert E. Leslie, Sr., developed a theatrical, educational and outreach model that meets the needs of the community through the performing arts, life skills development, job training, historical and cultural awareness, political and social relevance and facility access giving voice to community concerns and issues while embracing, training and giving opportunities to the youth. 

The New Freedom Theatre’s Performing Arts Training Program serves over 500 youth on an annual basis through on-site instruction and off-site workshops and performances. The program serves youth citywide; the Tri-state area and consists of tuition paying and scholarship students.  Many of these youth come from lower to middle income economically disadvantaged backgrounds and reside in North Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, Nicetown-Tioga, Germantown and Mt. Airy in Philadelphia.

The Objective is for The New Freedom Theatre’s Performing Arts Training Program to provide serious training in the arts, with all its demands, empowering students to become artists, advocates of the arts and productive members of society.

“The New Freedom Theatre’s Performing Arts Training Program for youth and adults has provided a unique and exciting experience in the performing arts…a place to learn to love the most important person in your life: YOU!” –Denzel Washington

The New Freedom Theatre is where many come to find themselves and allow themselves to grow. Courage is found, restored and presented to the world. It is honestly a beautiful experience.