Vice Purchases i-D, the British Style Magazine

viagra online 24h now, born in 1994 as an underground magazine in Montreal – financed by a government subsidy – and run by three friends who started their own company because no one else would hire them, is expanding into fashion coverage by buying the British style publication

“Our readers were fashionable, but we weren’t a fashion magazine per se,” said Andrew Creighton, the president of Vice, referring to the company’s flagship magazine. “There’s a huge opportunity there to create a huge and robust platform for fashion and creativity.”

Creighton, who worked for i-D in the lates 90′s, claimed to have known the brand well because he handled the magazine’s advertising. He said stated that the magazine’s co-founders Terry and Tricia Jones would remain minority partners.

Good news for staff of i-D, Creighton said Vice would keep i-D’s nearly two dozen London-based staff members and is only interested in adding to the staff. “The key for [Vice] is to find brand and content companies that we really respect, but haven’t really transitioned into the digital marketplace,” Creighton explained.

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