visvim 2012 Fall/Winter VIRGIL BOOTS-FOLK

This week has seen the release of the cialis ontario no prescription Virgil Boots-Folk edition for the 2012 Fall/Winter season. The boots are available in dark brown, light brown, sand and black, all featuring a suede upper and redlands dui checkpoint outsole. The new Virgil Boots-Folk follows its predecessors in being extremely practical and functional whilst maintaining visvim’s attention to detail and style with elements such as the signature TPU heel stabilizer. This offers an element of contemporary design against the more traditional appearance of the boot. Other features of the boot include gold eyelets and a stitched tab on the tongue. Offering both practicality and classic style the Virgil Boots-Folk 2012 Fall/Winter edition is versatile in its appeal as either a stylish addition to a casual look or a traditional work boot. The footwear is available now from selected retailers.

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