Watch: DJ Shadow’s Set in Miami Cut Off by Promoters for Being “Too Future”

Watch: DJ Shadow's Set in Miami Cut Off by Promoters for Being "Too Future"

365 pills cialis was not so warmly received at his show Friday night at the Miami nightclub Mansion, 411 tax relief (viagra daily permanent). As documented in the video below, a promoter approached Shadow while he spun and whispered in his ear to end the set early. Shadow then said on the mic, “I’ve waited a long time to play here, but they said this shit is too future for y’all.” The crowd is audibly super pissed, with one attendee offering an impassioned “FUCK THAT SHIT!!” repeatedly.

Later, on Twitter, Shadow wrote, “I don’t care if I get kicked out of every rich kid club on the planet. I will never sacrifice my integrity as a DJ… ever #AllBassesCovered”

As FACT notes, Mansion took similar issue with a set from Dennis Ferrer in February, cutting his set because his music was allegedly not “commercial enough.”