Watch Toro Y Moi’s Hilariously Dramatic Video for “So Many Details”

Watch Toro Y Moi's Hilariously Dramatic Video for "So Many Details"

Toro Y Moi has said that his new album Anything in Return, out January 22 via Carpark, will feature “sincere pop” music. In his new video for “So Many Details”, directed by HARRYS, he quite hilariously applies that concept.

The clip features Chaz Bundick cruising around the countryside in the passenger seat of a car while dispassionately mouthing the words to the song, taking breaks to toss stones into the sunset-cast sea. He pulls up to a swank, minimal-chic pad. Then the girl who was driving the car is in a hot tub, naturally. Bundick sit sternly in a chair, clad in a white turtleneck, while rave-y projections fall upon him. Then he walks out to his private plane.

He is really going for it. 

Also: Once the video has been viewed 250,000 times, another music video from Anything in Return will be unlocked and viewable on Toro Y Moi’s website.

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