YBDPT 2012 Fall/Winter “To Nowhere” Lookbook

High fashion retailerhttp://uristocrat.com/2012/09/hall-of-fame-2012-fall-lookbook-part-2/hall-of-fame-2012-fall-lookbook-part-ii-7/ recently released their lookbook for Fall/Winter 2012, which includes a collection of stylish goods for the new season. Expertly shot by Kipling Phillips, the lookbook — titled “To Nowhere” features several plays on imagery that highlight both the models and the refined designs of the pieces. As with the clothing itself, there is a certain ubiquity between city and country; royal silk patterns, animal inspired prints, and more are reinterpreted with rich blues and pristine whites in various contrasting environments. The result is one of the more engaging lookbooks of the season, one which challenges the viewer to reconsider the craft of fashion itself.

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