Adidas Superstar 80′s CNY “Chinese New Year”

It’s 2013 ladies & gentlemen and whether or not we believed in the Mayans predictions or misinterpretation of the end of the world then fortunate enough, it didn’t happen. Many of us have settled down from celebrating and started to move on with our daily routine and are committing to our New Year Resolutions but for others it has yet to start.

This coming February marks the celebration of the 2013 Chinese New Year and the animal zodiac sign being honored this time around is the Snake. Starting from the box you can see it has been recreated to represent the traditional Red Envelopes given by family and friends to each other containing money with the first number being an even number to represent good luck and prosperity in the year to come (in this case it’s shoes and since a pair comes with 2 shoes then Adidas is blessing all of us with good luck this year).

Both pairs of the classic Superstar 80′s are beautifully draped in faux snake skin leather with one donning a light grey approach while the other is cover in the all red colorway traditional in Chinese culture to scare off evil spirits and misfortune. A black suede approach was used on the heel tabs and black leather is used on the inner liner of the shoes while a red satin with embroidery of snakes cover the insoles of these sneakers. Jade inspired lace-locks can be found close to the toe box engraved with the Chinese symbol for snake as also found on the lid of the shoe box plus the hang tag that derives from the Six Ritual Jades which in this case is the Bi (The flat disk with a hole in the center) representing the heavens. Both pairs of the Superstar 80′s are more than exceptionally done and rich in the aspects of the Chinese culture and their New Years traditions.

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– Pizza