Luna Theater Takes A Risk With Lungs, Performed Without Props, Costume Changes Or Standard Set, Opening January 25

With just two actors and a bare stage, playwright Duncan Macmillan’s explores a big topic that has perplexed couples throughout the ages: Is now a good time to have a baby?

The intimate drama, presented by Luna Theater, starting January 25, proves the weighty question can sure shake up a romantic relationship.

The play itself upends theatrical conventions. There are no props, no costume changes and no standard style scene changes.

The title characters are named simply M and W. They’re young, smart and anxious about about the future. what with global warming, widespread political unrest and assorted other affronts to the earth’s existence.

The pair wonder if it’s selfish to bring a new life into a world that seems headed toward destruction. Their thoughts on of the pros and cons of having a child, and the subsequent consequences of that decision, make for a quirky and funny love story.

Tickets are available online.

Luna Theater’s Lungs
When: January 25–February 16
Where: The Adrienne Theater, 2030 Sansom Street
Cost: $15-$30
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