Projects: and Presents: The Neptunes – The Other Side Of The Planet (The Instrumentals) [Part 1]

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So if you’ve been visiting the site as of recent, you know that we’ve had some technical difficulties within the last week. It’s all good now (WordPress couldn’t hold us back), and what better way to bring the site back than to drop off a special package to you all. My man dwi legal from and I thought it would be dope to give you guys a bonus cut from our “The Other Side Of The Planet” collection (Hopefully you got Part 1 and Part 2, if not check out the links right there).The Neptunes were known for their genre-defining sound, merging hip-hop with rock, r&b with pop, and coming out with something we’ve never really heard before. So we decided to give you guys a bonus before we drop Volume 3 next Friday, and that is an Instrumentals compilation. 30 songs spanning Chad and Pharrell’s illustrious career featuring work from Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa, Kenna and Madonna, this special edition is right for you, the music enthusiasts out there. We hope you enjoy, always remember to tell a friend to tell a friend, and we’ll see you right back here on Friday for Volume 3.


Download The Neptunes: The Other Side Of The Planet (The Instrumentals) [Part 1] HERE.