Uristocrat Jobs: Naked Capitalism is looking for an Intern

Naked Capitalism is a rockin and rollin political-economics blog and looking for an intern.  Great opportunity for someone who wants to experiment in the latest on-line journalism and meet cool people.  Details below.

Naked Capitalism, a leading finance and economics blog (1.4-2 million page views a month, regularly rated 8 or higher at Technorati among 30,000 business blogs), is looking for a savvy, energetic, and well organized intern. Start dates flexible. About 10 hours a week, for a minimum of three months, with preference given to candidates who can commit to longer term. Location NYC. $15 to $20 an hour, with rate dependent on ability of intern to take on important tasks and operate autonomously.
Our interns enjoy a great deal of control over their hours and work content. Interns can do the overwhelming majority of work remotely on their own schedule. And beyond providing assistance with a few high priority initiatives, we are also open to (indeed encourage) interns to devise and execute their own projects.
Tasking falls into three categories. We don’t expect an intern to take on everything, but to tell us which tasks fit their interests and skills best, and whether they think they have better ways to accomplish our goals. We are open to suggestion!
(1) Site Management
• Drafting text for a site redesign and participating in the redesign process
• Formalizing and field-testing the site’s style sheet and comments policy
• Tracking and interpreting site statistics
• Being on “shit happens” alert when the main bloggers are off the grid
(2) New Media
• Devising and implementing a Twitter/social media strategy
• Devising and implementing a Podcast strategy
(3) Content Creation
• Finding and soliciting new writers for the site
• Editing and posting articles contributed by guest writers
• Performing research, both intermediate term and quick turnaround
• Suggesting and writing posts, or taking a beat
Note we can pay someone thanks to your support in the fundraiser.
Also keep in mind, as the list above indicates, we want an intern that can help us on multiple fronts. We’ve had some candidates approach us who wanted to write for the site. While having someone generate content themselves is helpful, and we also understand that an intern might want to build a resume of published pieces, we need candidates who will take on other duties as well.
It is also NOT necessary that a candidate be in NYC.
Please put the word “intern” in the subject line of any messages about intern candidates and send them to how effective is cialis men.