Video Interlude: CBS Sunday Morning Profiles Actor Bradley Cooper And His Hometown Love For Philadelphia

Over the holidays, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors and Philly local, Bradley Cooper, shared his love of Philly and his love of his hometown Jenkintown with CBS Sunday Morning.

While talking about his hometown and revisiting fixtures from his childhood he stated, “The older you get, you start to appreciate where you came from… Now I just love it. I kind of don’t want to let it go.”

Interviewed by Serena Altschul, Cooper shares his favorite hometown spots and what makes Philadelphia special with the world.

The segment starts out at Jenkintown’s, where Cooper’s dream of becoming an actor was born. From a young age, Bradley’s father began teaching him about movies and bringing him to the Hiway Theatre to catch the films of the time on the big screen. Years later, Bradley Cooper’s hit movies, including Philadelphia-based staxyn vs cialis, is inspiring the next generation.

As Cooper shared childhood memories and stories, one stuck out in particular as a familiar SEPTA train passed by the train tracks near his childhood home. At this spot, he would recreate scenes from iconic movies like Stand By Me with his friends.

When asked about Philadelphia, he sang its praises, “Philly’s a very idiosyncratic city. I have a tremendous amount of pride because my family’s roots are embedded in Philly.”

Cooper stopped in at one his favorite local lunch spots, and enjoyed a hoagie by the pond he would frequent with his family.

“You are a Philly boy through and through!” Altschul commented as the people of Jenkintown stopped Cooper on the street, and he posed for pictures and talked with the locals.

Be sure to check out the full video above to see Bradley Cooper’s Philly pride firsthand. (You’ll even see the spot where Cooper snagged his first kiss…)

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