Watch TVOTR’s Tunde Adebimpe and the Roots Perform “Back Door Santa” releases the better late than never Holiday video of viagra bristol generic‘s bankruptcy attorney ogden utah singing Clarence Carter’s funky Christmas classic “Back Door Santa”. The performance took place at the availability in uk buy viagra online in Brooklyn on December 20. The Roots served as the back up band.

About TV on The Radio

TV on the Radio is an American indie rock band formed in 2001 in Brooklyn, New York, whose music spans numerous diverse genres, from post-punk to electro to soul music.

The group has released several EPs including their debut Young Liars (2003), and four critically acclaimed studio albums: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004), Return to Cookie Mountain (2006), Dear Science (2008), and Nine Types of Light (2011).

For the bulk of their existence, the core TV on the Radio lineup has been Tunde Adebimpe (vocals/loops), David Andrew Sitek(guitars/keyboards/loops), Kyp Malone (vocals/guitars/bass/loops), Jaleel Bunton (drums/vocals/loops/guitars) and Gerard Smith (bass/keyboards) as official members. Smith died from lung cancer on April 20, 2011. The band has replaced Smith for their current tour but have not yet announced their long term plans as a band without him.

Other contributors have included David Bowie, Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Peter Murphy of Bauhaus, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead, Martin Perna of Antibalas and Katrina Ford of Celebration.

About The Roots

The Roots are an American Grammy Award-winning hip hop/neo soul band formed in 1987 by Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter and Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania. They are known for a jazzy, eclectic approach to hip hop which includes live instrumentals. Malik B., Leonard “Hub” Hubbard, and Josh Abrams were added to the band, originally called The Square Roots.

Since their first independent album release, the band has released 10 studio albums, two EPs, two collaboration albums and have collaborated with a wide range of artists from different genres. The Roots have served as the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon since its premiere in 2009. The Roots’ work has been repeatedly met with critical acclaim. ranked them #7 on its list of the 25 Best Rap Groups of All-Time, describing them as “Hip-hop’s first legitimate band.”

About “Back Door Santa”

Back Door Santa” is a song written by Clarence Carter in collaboration with Marcus Daniel, and originally performed by Carter. It was released on a compilation album Soul Christmas in 1968. The track is in a 12-bar blues format.  The lyrics are sexually suggestive, not having much to do with Christmas as a holiday. Run-D.M.C. sampled the song for “Christmas in Hollis”.  In late December 2005, The Black Crowes released a free download version of this song, complete with a horn section. This track can be heard in the films Mission: Impossible III and Jingle All the Way.  The Australian band Jet has also covered this song. It is available on their Japanese-only “Rare Tracks” compilation album.  It was also performed by Bon Jovi and released on the A Very Special Christmas compilation album produced to benefit the Special Olympics. For unknown reasons, “Back Door Santa” was replaced on later pressings of the first A Very Special Christmas with the song “I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas” also performed by Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi later released the track along with two other Christmas themed songs on the single for Please Come Home for Christmas.  In 2008, Elliott Yamin included a cover of the song in his Christmas album “My Kind of Hoiday.”  The song also appeared on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” Season 2 Episode 11: “How Lily Stole Christmas”, as well as being included on Paul DeGeorge’s 2012 Christmas mixtape.  In 1987, popular singer Brad Delp covered this song on his holiday themed album “Christmas Jammin’ with Brad Delp.”  The song begins with the lyric “I’m your Back door Santa / I make my run / At the break of day.” For nefarious reasons Carter recorded an entirely different song with exactly the same title.