Women’s Nike Air Max 1s (VNTG)

It’s about that time again, that painful period of time I have to write about some women’s sneakers I can’t fit in. A set of 3 Air Max 1′s all got hit with gorgeous colors and that vintage treatment. Universal amongst the 3 pairs will be the un-sewn tongue. This is a feature I remember being signature when it came to Nike Blazer’s, but worked onto the Air Max 1′s seems to be a nice touch, and another way to drive home that “vintage” story.

The white/red/grey looks as close to the OG release as possible, but this time with a light pink midsole, which conjures up summer memories of delicious strawberry ice cream. The black pair flosses the vintage midsole the best, and is the pair I’d truthfully want most. The blue pair is actually “neo turquoise”, and has a shimmery gleam to it. I think the effect gives the girl’s a whole new look that the Air Max 1 has never seen. Won’t be surprised to see these picked up in 3′s!


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