Psychic Ills Kicks off One Track Mind Tour in Philly at Johnny Brenda’s

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Psychic Ills

The city of Philadelphia was blissfully blessed last Wednesday night by NYC’s as they kicked off their One Track Mind tour at Johnny Brenda’s in Fishtown. With influences perhaps from the likes of Spaceman 3 and Loop, Psychic Ills have been pumping out bluesy psych rock ballads with powerfully plump bass lines for a decade now. The rest of the nation and parts of Europe can now fall under their spell as they embark upon about a 60 date tour. That should be a big enough dose of drone to resonate throughout the world for the next two months. For those who can’t make it to their upcoming shows, the new album drops on February 19th on Sacred Bones records.

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Mike Bruno + Black Magic Family Band

Opening bands were two unique local acts that made for a perfect line up. First was the super mellow, soft spoken, dark and discordant melodies of Mike Bruno + Black Magic Family Band. Like a doomed, demented and dreamy version of Donovan, one could picture Mike and his band slowly walking along a dark path in the woods to an abandoned shed to practice, using sticks, leaves and rocks as instruments.
Nothing, also from Philadelphia, are dudes with lots of effects pedals and know how to use them to produce some super heavy shoegaze.

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