The Cool For Thought – DJ Sliink X


So in my travels, I’ve had the chance to meet with and connect with a lot of creative and incredibly dope people. Just to be able to talk and build and grow off of a sense of mutual creativity is something that I look at as one of life’s simple treasures. And I always think it’s cool when I see my friends embarking on something that allows them to show their creativity and progress the culture forward. One person that I can say fits that mold was DJ Sliink. I met Sliink a couple of months ago when I hosted the New York stop of the 2012 Sneaker Pimps tour. I heard of him through mutual friends Ron and Dirty South Joe, and what I didn’t know I’ve unknowingly heard his songs in the clubs and parties over the past couple of months. We initially discussed DJ’ing and different projects that we had coming up, which later led to a night of finding random limo drivers to take us around New York, hitting the Fool’s Gold Holiday Party, and making remixes to Juicy J songs talking about halal food. For those that may not know, Sliink is one of the biggest rising DJs in the world, being listed as one of Vibe Magazine’s “Top 30 DJs to know in 2013″. From his collaborative work with world famous DJ tandem Flosstradamus to his headlining tour with DSJoe, LoudPvck, and FKi, the Jersey native has definitely been busy as of late.

Next to the plate, Sliink collaborated with Fashion website in curating a Spring fashion lookbook. Highlighting popular brands 10 Deep, Mishka, Undefeated, Supra, and GoodWood with new brands such as Profound, S. Slater by Golden Bear, and Goodale, he manages to combine different combinations and looks for the average consumer as well as the daring fashion enthusiast. Sliink sat down with the good folks at JackThreads to discuss his favorite colors, fashion limits, and the last gig he’d ever do. Many congrats to the good brother, and count on seeing DJ Sliink a lot more in the new year. Check out the collection here.

“Lamb will make her dance.”