The Cool For Thought: Eughck


So first let me start this post by saying to you all that I sincerely appreciate every single download, file share, retweet, re-tumble, and simple word of mouth for my site, and everything that I aspire to do. To have people that I look up to push me forward and then to have people tell me that they look up to me are both humbling experiences, and without the support of you, there’d be no Thank you.

Ok, now that that’s taken care of, I will also go on to say that Pusha T, aka “Your Neighborhood Dope Dealer”, aka “My Name Is My Name”, aka Pusha Ton, is one of my five favorite rappers of all time. I also can’t recall a wack verse from Mr. Thornton. My opinion is my opinion, and on this here website, that’s all that will matter. So with me having these views, one day I was perusing the tax refund garnishment having a debate on music as normal, when I spoke on my thoughts on the Clipse, The Re-Up Gang (#LONGLIVETHEREUPGANG), and more specifically, Pusha. This lead me to wonder, has there ever been a composition of every single fire Pusha T verse?

Well, I didn’t have to look far. My man 100 is a fellow Pusha enthusiast, and he made a project for his website,, chronicling every single one of Pusha’s verses. I appreciate G for compiling such a list, and I hope you enjoy it as well. I reached out to G to get his thoughts, and this is what he said.:

“I created this tape because I felt like it needed to be done. Before his solo album dropped, Phonte dropped a “Best Of” tape with DJ Flash. 70 tracks spanning almost the entirety of his career. I fell in love with that tape. With Pusha T having been at the forefront of rap lately, I started thinking, “wouldn’t it be dope if Pusha had a solo tape like the one Flash just released for Phonte?” Much to my dismay, no such tape had existed. The two solo tapes we got from Pusha, totaled something like 18 tracks.

It wasn’t enough.

I was tired of waiting for a solo tape which would actually do the brother Thornton some justice. So with the help of Twitter, I found a program which allowed me to edit tracks so I could keep only his verse from the songs. 3 hours later, this “homemade” tape was born. When I first had the idea to make this tape, it was mainly for my own enjoyment. I got the idea right after I started making it to put it on Twitter for other people to enjoy it. Turns out the latter idea has brought me far more joy than the former.

This is a fan made tape I created from my laptop computer in between tweets. No fancy cutting and scratching here, just 57 dope verses from ½ of the best duo to ever pick up a mic. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it.”

Download’s “Best Of Pusha T” HERE