Ghost-hunting Basquiat in His Old East Village Apartment

New information about artist Jean-Michel Basquiat surfaces in a recent feature published on Animal New York. The feature is an interview with Alexis Adler, Basquiat’s former partner who had quite a few stories to tell fro their time together.

“We lived together. I wouldn’t really call him my boyfriend. We did have relations but I don’t think that time was about girlfriends and boyfriends. We had multiple girlfriends and boyfriends. Sorry!”

Alexis Adler is laughing. Yesterday, ArtInfo reported that Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “ex-girlfriend” had been hiding a trove of previously-unseen artifacts for thirty years in the apartment they shared in 1979-80, the apartment she lives in now. The NYU embryologist was surprised by the avalanche of non-art media piling at her doorstep. They all want to see a mural, a radiator and a door.

We saw it. You’ll see it when one of the eager high-profile dealers figures out how to price it, when Sara Driver makes the documentary, when Luc Sante writes text for the book, when Lisa Rosen cuts out the part of the bedroom wall that says “OLIVE OYL.” What we can show you is art you can’t see. This is “art that doesn’t exist.”