Latest Rumor: Kanye West’s next Single Is (Reportedly) Titled: I Am A God

So earlier this week we reported that Kanye West will be titled his next album generic cialis overnight delivery buy. However the news from ca dui is that album will not be titled that. not be titling his LP that. The rumor mill is now that buzzing that the next single will take the name “I Am A God” according to taking viagra while drunk cialis levitra. G.O.O.D. Music frequent collaborator Malik Yusef, who kind of let the cat out the hat, revealed that the title is a reference toPsalm 82 stating:

I said, “You are gods,
And all of you are children of the Most High.
But you shall die like men,
And fall like one of the princes.”

Source: 2DopeBoyz

Rumor: Kanye West to Call New Album I Am God   Photo