Mannie Fresh Says OMFGOD Project w/ Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Is Done

Mannie Fresh relays word that his OMFGOD project with Mos Def is done and is currently in the mixing stage. Mannie shared his thoughts on the project with cialis ou viagra qual o melhor.

We recorded way more than that. But rather than to [just] have somebody say like, ‘Oh, wow’ – I think a lot of times when you do that you throw away music. So, I just wanna give people like ten bangers and let’s be out.

Mos is a Hip Hop head, so it kinda came easy. And, by him being a Mannie Fresh fan, and me being his fan, it came real easy. And I think that’s the way the process should be. We should have fun. It was no stress; we didn’t have no budgets from nobody, we didn’t have nobody hanging over us, no A&Rs. It was just something that we decided to do.

The 10 Track project will see an independent release from the two in the very near future.