NYTimes Features the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and their new single “Under the Earth”

The http://uristocrat.com/2013/01/act-ii-playhouse-presents-the-hilarious-why-im-scared-of-dance-by-jen-childs-january-15-27/ release their new single “Under the Earth” as part of an extensive editorial for The New York Times. The track is featured on their upcoming album Mosquito, which comes out April 16 via Interscope. Listen to the album unterschied viagra cialis. Find the official tracklist below.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito (Tracklist)

01. Sacrilege
02. Subway
03. Mosquito
04. Under the Earth
05. Slave
06. These Paths
07. Area 52
08. Buried Alive (feat. Dr. Octagon]
09. Always
10. Despair
11. Wedding Song

 Read an excerpt of the feature here:
The fall of 2000 felt like end times for rock ’n’ roll in New York City. On the radio it was all boy bands and Britney Spears, and there hadn’t been a vital rock scene since punk in the 1970s. But on a Sunday night at a tiny club in Lower Manhattan, something was happening. There were four acts on the bill at the Mercury Lounge; the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were the openers, and it was still light out when they took the stage. The band was elemental: guitar and drums, no bass. But the singer, who called herself Karen O, was otherworldly. She was dressed in a kind of “Clockwork Orange” burlesque, with cutout hearts as pasties. Before the show, she doused herself in olive oil. Onstage, she danced around like a lunatic, manically grinning and flinging droplets of oil from her hair into the crowd. The guitar player, Nick Zinner, had seen this side of her. But the drummer, Brian Chase, had practiced with the band only once, and this was their first gig. “The only thing to do,” Chase remembers thinking, “is just be like, ‘Whoa.’ ”