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Yes, yes, yes. It’s that time of year. If you don’t know or haven’t followed me on the the past two years, I’ve had a very intimate event to celebrate the most important day of the year: the day Cory Allen Townes came into existence on this planet. What started as a simple tweet in 2011 about a small potluck has since turned into what many refer to as “The Beginning of Spring in Philly.” We’ve had the event the past two years, and of course, with all things must come progression. Hence, the birth of viagra and eye problems This year, I’m doing things a tad differently. Yes, we still have the same potluck theme (Ladies, bring your rarest available delicacies and fellas, bring your best libations and good spirits), but this year I’ve decided to hold the event in a more spacious venue to be named at a later date. I’ve also reached out to my good friends at Vitamin Water to lend me a hydrating hand. And in partnering up with the homies from and my right hand (and newly announced host of “Def Comedy Jam”) Clint Coley pulling double duty as “Head Chef” and host, we’re looking to make this a grand old affair. I also have surprise guests that I’ll be announcing pretty soon, so keep on the lookout for that. This is all happening on Saturday, April 13th, from 12-6pm, so do NOT come fashionably late.

I only have 3 Rules for “The ThreePeat”:

1. Come out and have a fun, safe, and most importantly great time.
2. You bring a great dish, my “Point Gawd” ability will flourish and I’ll find you someone to have enlightening conversation with. (*Note* I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any and all relationships created at Cory’s Cookout that may end in a negative light. I do have this in legal speech, as well.)
3. When it comes to libations, Hennessy is preferred, Tequila is welcomed, and any and especially all cheap Vodka will bar you from the festivities. DO NOT BRING PINNACLE VODKA, BREH.

Other than that, I look forward to seeing you all this Saturday, bring your best dishes and I’ll bring you a great time.