Twitter’s music service is coming: What We Know

Twitter music is coming and its going to be much sooner than you think.  The word is that the  microblogging service plans to launch its new standalone music application on today (Friday April 12).  We’ve heard that it has launched and is available to a select group of users but will be open to the public in the coming days. Visit  girls buy viagra to see whats coming and attempt to sign in (didnt work for us ).

The rumors surrounding the release of Twitter Music started when  Twitter acquired the team behind We Are Hunted with views to creating such a service.  Earlier today, last year and viagra good for the heart.

No details on exactly what Twitter music will be but signs point to  users getting suggestions on artists and tracks to users based on a number of personalized signals, including the Twitter accounts a user follows on the microblogging service. Users will be able to listen to clips of music from inside the app, using third-party services like iTunes and SoundCloud; they will also be able to watch music videos provided by Vevo, the music video service owned by Universal Music and Sony.