Vigilism x Ikiré Jones // “Escape to New Lagos”

Ikiré Jones is a new experience from one of my sartorial inspirations, Wale Oyejide.  His vision, style and taste has been manifested with  Ikiré Jones which is an independent menswear brand that specializes in ready-to-wear sport jackets and accessories.  Wale was featured as one of Esquire Magazine’s “Best Dressed Real Men in America”  while having a day job as an attorney, an order cialis in usa, and a connoisseur of fine fabrics.  Read the ethos for Ikiré Jones below and check out his site:

“An imagining of Lagos in the year 2081 A.D. The Great Crude Explosion has just occurred; leaving oil flowing freely through the streets of the slums. Politicians have been exiled at the heels of bomb blasts and the populace’s uprising. The building of a new Center of the World has begun, much to the bewilderment of Western nations. This is the birth of New Lagos…and men of taste are wearing Ikiré Jones.”


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