Concrete Cakes Interviews Tayyib Smith of 215 Magazine/Little Giant

In a city full of endless amounts of talented people and brilliant ideas, there are few that stand out above the rest. We were thrilled to see Concrete Cakes feature Tayyib Smith, co-publisher of 215 Magazine and co-owner of Little Giant Creative Agency, in their latest article. In the interview, Smith dishes out advice to the next generation of professionals, reminisces on how he achieved his current successes and more. Check out a portion of the interview below:

CC:      Tell me about life before 215 Magazine. 

TS:       Before 215 Magazine, I worked for a company called Axis Music Group.  That was a production company with James Poyser, Chauncey Childs and Vikter Duplaix.  I worked with them for about 5 or 6 years.

CC:      What made you decide to start 215 Magazine?

TS:       215 wasn’t actually my idea.  It was my business partner, Matthew Bacine’s idea.  He went to some trade show and picked up one of those small 151 type magazines and wanted to know why there wasn’t like a youth based magazine in Philly.  So him and I usually have converging opinions but where we shared interest was that we both didn’t like Philly Style, Philadelphia Magazine, The Inquirer and all the traditional media formats because they didn’t really represent Philly as we knew it.  So we proceeded to meet every Wednesday for six months to talk about his idea.  First it was just me and Matt then we brought on Brian Jacobson who runs JT Designs now and Pierce Morgan.  Nine months later we launched the website and seven months after that we launched the print edition.

CC:      You’ve since discontinued the print version.  What made you decide to do so?

TS:       To be honest with you, we didn’t know what the fuck we were doing.  Aesthetically, we created a better physical product than those with more experience but that was because we had access to resources.  But in that initial team we put together, we didn’t have a sales person.  And we were naïve about the market.  A lot of people don’t realize 215 was a 110 style paper-stock with a 150 pages.  It was a really expensive endeavor and it was given away for free.  And when we first started, we shipped to 9 markets and just gave it away for free to sneaker boutiques and places like that.

Check out the rest of the interview on Concrete Cakes.