Giorgio Moroder x Daft Punk for Dazed and Confused; His Red Bull Show NYC show moved up to Output

For the last few days, we have been listening to latest album Random Access Memories (there is even the Diplo review kamagra cialis dosage).  One of the featured collaborators on that project is Giorgio Moroder who is now gracing the latest cover of Dazed and Confused with the two members of the group, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo.

Giorgio Moroder is an electronic music pioneer whom the duo worked with on their documentary/homage/epic track “Giorgio by Moroder” on Random Access Memories. Giorgio begins the track by speaking of how he got started making disco.
The covers and images were taken by Heidi Simane and will be featured in the June issue of Dazed and Confused which hits stands May 15. There is also a full interview with the group which is seen here below:


Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo: It was a really special process. Every album we’ve done is tightly linked with our lives. You cannot separate your life and your music and your job; everything’s linked. The internal, personal stuff Thomas went through during Human After All made it closer to where he was at the time, and this one feels a lot closer to me than him. We make music together, but this one took me to some special depths, getting really close to what I was going through personally. I’ve never been too technical; Thomas is more the technician. This album has more soul.


I didn’t have any idea how you guys would use it. I thought you might cut it up into a rap. So I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it the first time. It was also kind of emotional to hear my story and a little bit of my sound in there. I’m one of the few humans alive whose biography is a song.


Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo: Right now my brain is shutting everything down, making me pretend that everything is normal. It still amazes me that everyone is so crazy about what we are doing. I’m like, either I am crazy or everybody’s crazy. Maybe I am just dreaming but people seem to really freak out at what we are doing. I don’t know why!

Thomas Bangalter: The music itself is exactly what we wanted it to be. We have no anxiety about that. Sharing it with the world is something different. It’s a big question mark. There’s a certain amount of excitement and madness that enters the equation.

Giorgio Moroder is also part of the Red Bull Music Academy  events and he will be speaking  at Cielo (a Deep Space night with resident DJ François K and Academy participants T.Williams and Benjamin Damage also on the bill).  The show has now been moved to  Output in Williamsburg and  tickets may be available soon even though its billed as sold out as of right now.