GrandeMarshall On Brooklyn Bound x the Fader

GrandeMarshall gets interviewed by The Fader for  Converse & The FADER’s “Brooklyn Bound” series (taped on the eve of the Mugga Man mixtape release). Watch it below:

GrandeMarshall is a Philadelphia rapper who’s Twitter account currently has a display name of “It’s Pull Up!” The phrase is a reference to “PMS,” a song from his Mugga Man mixtape, released in April, and the one which probably sounds best coming from worthy car speakers. Growing up in a city like Philly, Grande has always wanted to own a luxury vehicle and seems to only be getting closer to doing so as his star rises. For the latest episode of Brooklyn Bound, we paired him with one of the most luxurious vehicles we could find, a 1969 Rolls Royce, and asked him about a lifelong love for cars, among other things.

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