Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era’s Beast Coastal Tour (FADER Documentary)

The Pro Era (and supporting acts Flatbush ZOMBiES and The Underachievers) recently concluded their Best Coastal Tour with two sold out shows in New York City.   Here cialis professional no prescription put together a 16-minute documentary clip that recaps the entire tour.

The way Joey and the Pro Era guys command the stage, seamlessly passing the mic and ad-libbing for each other, you almost forget they’re mostly teenagers. When we met, though, they were playing Marco Polo at the hotel pool. Everyone was sick with something; they had bronchitis or strep or whatever disease you catch when you eat pizza every day and live on an RV with 10 other people. Despite their depressed immune systems, the crew was enamored with life on tour, balancing homesickness—missing their grandmas, bicycles and beds—with their youthful restlessness and thirst for exploration.