LETUSPRAY x Gilbere Forte Collection

LETUSPRAY and Gilbere Forte have gotten together to collaborate on his widely released and critically acclaimed new project entitled generic cialis overnigh.

“PRAY” for it, if you believe in it. Nothing identifies more with a human being than his or her comfort in life.” – LETUSPRAY

“Gilbere Forte recently caught our eye a few months back after watching his “PRAY” music video. We contacted his camp about his track, and he shared with us his remarkable vision and concept for “PRAY,” which lead us to producing the Original “PRAY For The Stars” cap. His concept behind the “PRAY” hat was beyond omnipotent. The idea of designing a Snapback with the powerfully useful word in bold letters was something we thought would be impactful and highly coveted. This collaboration with Gilbere Forte will be the first of many.”

“PRAY; the word we use, when hope isn’t enough. The word we use when faith is all that is left.” – GILBERE FORTE

The “PRAY For The Stars” cap will be sold in limited quantities only. Each cap is handmade and produced in the USA.”PRAY For The Stars” caps are available now oncash finder instant play prize prize win

Make sure you take a listen to Gilbere’s latest project http://uristocrat.com/2013/01/gold-panda-trust-full-ep-stream-2/ here.