@Peyso Flaptinerary Addendum: We Cant Let the Weather Stop Us!!!

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Mother nature really on some BS!!!! But guess what, cant nobody hold me down!!! Word to diddy & mase!!

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Ladies, don’t worry about your hair, you were gonna sweat it out anyway. Plus. a wash & set is $25 cash from the dominicans. If you can afford that, you shouldnt be partying.

And gentleman if you’re worried about the weather, you’re a whole…

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I have some good news and some bad news. I’ll start w/ the bad.

For all ya’ll who were looking to get ya bachata on, while eating sancocho and mofongo and drinking mama juana tomorrow, it wont be happening. Brunch Bounce @ La Marina has been postponed L Similar to man upstairs, the Flap Gawd giveth and the Flap Gawd taketh away. However, it is reschedule for Monday when the forecast is 20 degrees warmer! All tickets and bracelets will be honored.


Here’s the good news, two events have been added to the Flap Street Journal, the Flaptinerary, The Flapping Digest, Flappers Weekly, FQ, Flappington Post, The Flapper Report, etc etc


Sundaze – 2pm – Zbar Restaurant & Sky Lounge – 605 W. 48th St. – I got the info late on this, but this is a very viable option if you’re looking for something where you want to actually put on real clothes, but you don’t want to look like a Fonzworth Bentley stand in. Thrown by the 1911 Society (I assume this is da good bruhz and some kappas), theCPXgroup (no typo, hash tags are ruining how we write. We’ve done away with the number sign and now people are just putting letters together) and earcandy.com (???). Outside of the gorgeous venue, which is a bit of a hike from the train, the major pull about this event is that the music will definitely be rocking. My main man, da great Bruhz, DJ Jon Quick will be spinning. I’d definitely check this out if I was in the city.

The Freedom Dance Party @ Brooklyn Bowl – 6pm – Brooklyn Bown – 61 Wythe Ave – Freedom Dance Party might be one of NY’s longest running, best kept secrets. The people behind this party have literally been throwing this event at least bi-weekly for 20 years (I have a mentor who at least 10 years my senior who remembers going to these joints). This party is an example of things that get better with age. The music is always that perfect mix slightly newer than old school hip-hop (last one I went to had a perfect Pun/NORE/Cam’ron/Nas set) with some uptempo R&B joints. The crowd will definitely be mixed, but it’s a good change of scenery. Also, it fills that dangerous 6/7pm lull that happens between the early day flappage and the late night flappage. As the Ques say, “All night is alright, and all day is ok.” It’s in Williamsburg so it could be the post Do Over movement. It should be reasonably priced.


Listen, I’ve provided you w/ the blueprint. Now it is up to you to take this and fulfill your flap destiny. Not everyone can flap like a

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But we can all at least flap like

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I believe in you all.