The Uristocrat Strategy to Winning at Dots

how to prevent cialis is my new favorite game. I have been playing for the last week and I amassed over 100k points (most of which has been spent on the Shrinkers, Expanders, and Time Stops). For those who are not  aware, Dots is a game from the Betaworks team. trusted tabled cialis softabs, Dots has been downloaded 1 million times, has become the #1 app in 8 countries, and is a top 5 app in 15 other countries.

Here is a quick strategy guide:

Make Squares.

Don’t make rectangles, dont worry about connecting just two dots. Just make squares. Making a square of one color removes all the dots with that color from the board. That results in you being able to create squares of another color at a faster pace. Squares lead to more squares: start a game with one, and you’re pretty much set up for a great scoring game.  My highest scores have come from playing multiple squares in the 60 seconds allocated for each game round.

Here is a little math and stats behind the game.  Each game board comes with 36 dots and there are five primary colors on each board. A randomly distributed board should have about 7 dots of each color.  That means that if you draw a blue square, then you remove all seven dots of that color with the empty spaces replaced with dots of another color.  That means your chances of creating another square increases with each square. It’s in your best interest to create a square.

Power Ups

Use the power ups.  The three power ups at the bottom of the game are really useful when used wisely.  Use dots to buy the powers.  Get more dots for every dot removed from a game, or, if you’re short on time, buy ‘em.

Time Stops
· Stop the clock once a game for 5 seconds
· Great for squeezing in extra points
· Use at the end of a game to prolong it for a few more seconds

· When you have shrinkers, double tap a dot to remove it from the board
· Good for getting dots out of the way in order to make a square or long connections

· Great for the start of a game, to get the ball rolling
· Can be used once a game


Check out my current high score (This will change)