Quasimoto “Brothers Can’t See Me” (Madlib)

Another Quasimoto track hits the web  and its titled “Brothers Can’t See Me.” The track will be featured on the new project titled nj bankruptcy law which is out now. It’s a pretty dope laid back track. I’ll take it.

Scratches of Diamond D’s classic “bad credit loans for veterans” at the start of “Brothers Can’t See Me” let you know that the song by rapper/producer Madlib and his alter ego, Quasimoto, hails from the “boom-bap” sector of hip-hop — a district alien to current rap. The tightly truncated snare drum and bouncy kick-drum pattern sound like 1994-’96, but “Brothers Can’t See Me” feels fresher and maybe even more powerful now than it would have back in the day. The song is fuzzy and it slaps. Madlib’s style is matter-of-fact as he takes the mic to set a couple things straight. “I’m Madlib the bad kid. I’m the one that’ll hit you with the total bliss,” he says. “I’m that dirty pop and hiss. My s— sound better than yours, I got the force.” And if you didn’t get the gist, then Diamond D will spell it out for you again. —Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley, NPR Music’s Microphone Check

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