Watch LeBron James’s Crazy 360 Dunk In Warmups Before Game 7

Update: More LeBron Dunks

The Miami Heat are leading at halftime but the dunks continue to be the highlight of the game. Watch this beautiful alley-oop from Norris Cole to LeBron James who has to duck a bit so as to not hit his head on the rim. Watch Below: 

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LeBron James and the Miami Heat are locked in a battle with the Indiana Pacers to decide the Eastern Conference finals and a date to play the San Antonio Spurs. Before the game, LeBron James brought baak the warm ups dunks with a crazy 360 Dunk. The Heat while on their 27 game winning streak instituted a pregame dunk show for fans before almost every game. Looks like the pregame dunks are back as LeBron threw down a 360 dunk with one hand. Watch the dunk below courtesy of the Miami Heat Vine account (see more about Vine launching on android here).