Facts vs. Fiction: Jay-z calling rappers on their Net worth is Fact

It’s well known in Hip-Hop that not every verse from your favorite rapper flaunting their wealth is entirely fact. Braggadocio has always been a part of the genre. However, it looks like the tide may start to start beginning with the number one wealth ‘flaunter’ himself, Jay-z. On Jay-z’s new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay-z calls out rappers who use metaphors about what their net worth is with no proof of it. On the track “Verse,” Jay chastises hip-hop artists and their stories of extraordinary wealth:

“The truth in my verses, versus, your metaphors about what your net worth is.”

Your average rap fan may fall for these stories, but common sense tells us that some of these hip-hop personalities are not making as much as they claim to be.

The crew over at viagra 75 mg tamiflu were by Jay-z verse and did a little research on the actual net worth of hip hop personalities versus their alleged wealth. Bloomberg used a combination of specific lyrics from a dozen rappers and compared it with Forbes wealth reports to come up with a chart now available over at us bankruptcy court dc  I guess Jay-z was right when he proclaimed #FactsOnly

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