Read a Review of Joey Bada$$’ Summer Knights Mixtape

Last Week, Joey Bada$$ released his much anticipated Summer Knights mixtape.  The Pro Era crew member released a tape that may rank as one of the best of the summer. The crew over at Consequence of Sound wrote their own review of the tape. Read it below:

It’s almost unfathomable that Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ is only 18 years old. He leads the multi-faceted Pro Era crew, tours across the globe, and his debut mixtape, last year’s 1999, was a slice of ’90s era hip-hop heyday some rappers couldn’t replicate in five mixtapes. With just his second official mixtape, Summer Knights, Bada$$ continues his maturation at a profound rate, delivering one damn fine effort that’ll be bumped this season and beyond.

What makes the tape such a rousing success is that Bada$$ has established a two-pronged lyrical approach that’s deadly efficient.

The first wave is his sense of immaturity (the good, life-affirming variety) and youthful exuberance. Bada$$ doesn’t allude to cartoons or crack dick jokes for the fun of it; he lulls you in by focusing on how young he truly he is. For instance, “Alowha” has the “young scorcher trying to evolve like Charmeleon,” which is so giggleworthy you can’t help but feel like, “Aw shucks, he was probably intoPokémon, like, last year.”

Read the entire review over at Consequence of Sound.

Download Summer Knights here.