AUDIO: Chilly – Zach Hughes feat. Kenneth Sullivan and GANOU

Allow us to introduce Zach Hughes (@ZtotheH), a fledgling Temple University emcee, who is lives in Philadelphia, by way of the Bronx. Here is his most recent track, “Chilly.”

Zach teams up with Parkhouse Studio engineer, and recording artist, Kenneth Sullivan (@justKenny_Nugga) and songbird GANOU (@MorGANefOUse), to create an ultraaaaa chill track (pun intended) produced by Kayin (@SirMalcAlot).

We all know that September is a month that signifies a new year, whether you’re in school or beginning a new job. The leaves begin to turn colors, temperatures drop, and you can truly feel a change in the atmosphere. “Chilly” is the perfect song to celebrate those new beginnings and vibe out.

Listen and let us know what you think.

xoxo, meag.