Listen to the Clipse reunite on No Malice “Shame The Devil” featuring Pusha T

The Clipse reunite on a new track from Ye Him releasing on August 18.  viagra in florida adds a decent verse as well on the track titled “Shame The Devil.” The track continues the trend of hip hop tracks borrowing from Dancehall singles. You can pre-order Hear Ye Him now by clicking memphis bankruptcy attorney.

In Pusha-T’s last year, he discussed the uncertain future of Clipse:

I definitely want to do another Clipse project. Me and my brother speak about it all the time. I’m ready for it. But it’s really going to be up to him. Just to tell you how this situation goes: I speak to Malice about a whole bunch of stuff everyday. He tells me everything he thinks about my new stuff, like, “Oh man, ‘Exodus’ is hard,” or, “Oh my gosh, ‘New God Flow’ is like everything.” The excitement is still there for him on his rap shit. That doesn’t leave him.

A certain situation came up the other day: For the 10th anniversary of Lord Willin’, we had an offer to do shows in damn near every major city, where we would perform the whole Lord Willin’ album. And we had agreed to do it. But two weeks before this was supposed to go down, Malice was like, “I don’t want to do it.” So it’s really contingent on what he wants. If he’s ready to do it, I’m doing it. That’s how that’s going to go.