Reality Sports Online: A New way to play Fantasy Football

Football season is upon us and it’s time for football diehards to being preparing for fantasy football season.  One way to play fantasy this year is what may be the best fantasy football platform ever built, imitrex pricing cialis.

Reality Sports Online provides a new model where fantasy football players engage in a real-time free agency auction room, where they can bid on players for multi-year deals and give players salary cap restrictions.  This is all on top of the traditional fantasy football model where users get points and stats from the actions of players on the field.  In essence, users get a chance to play fantasy football from the lenses of a NFL General manager.

The platform was cofounded by Stephen Wendell and  Matt Papson,  who have extensive experience in sports law and salary cap management from their time working for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

We’ve played with RSO and its a pretty well built platform and experience. It’s highly recommended.

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