Watch as a Panhandler Pranks Entire Subway Car

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen! A prank is about to take place!

Regular transit riders are used to the regular appearances of panhandlers. Here, can women take cialis or viagra creates their own take where the panhandler actually shares an inspiring positive story on the Philadelphia Broadstreet subway line. This “panhandler” told his fellow passengers about, about how well everything in his life is going — a spacious new house in the suburbs, his daughter’s full scholarship to an Ivy League college, the trip to the Grand Canyon — the prankster reveals that he’s not asking for money, he’s just asking for some congratulations and a high five or two.

Another reason to watch, thats my frat brother Carl Foreman. He’s a great actor. Now, wouldn’t it be great if all panhandlers on NYC Subways had similar inspiring stories.