Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs: The Recap in GIFs

The Philadelphia Eagles played the Kansas City Chiefs at Lincoln Financial Field last night with Andy Reid making his return to Philly and Donovan McNabb getting his number retired. The battle of the high octane Philadelphia offense versus Andy’s Defense and Offense was more of a slugfest with the Chiefs winning 26-16.

Thursday Night Football continues the trend of games being sloppy (maybe playing 4 days after your last game isnt ideal? who know).  The Philadelphia Eagles were more than sloppy and turned the ball over twice in the first four minutes of the game, and five times total.  The Kansas City Chiefs didn’t do much with those turnovers as they settled for five field goals, went 6-18 on third down, and barely threw the ball over 10 yards in the air.  LeSean McCoy had a great day though, one for the history books actually. According to Reuben Frank of, now has iowa dui laws in the fourth quarter of games.  No other player ever has done that.

The gifs below don’t quite do enough justice to how sloppy the Eagles offense played but check it out below.

1. Fumblerooski (via north carolina dui penalties):

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2. What are you doing Chip Kelly? Botched 2-Point Conversion via the Swinging Gate Play (via @dhm):

eagles swinging gate

3. Andy Reid won in Philly. Quite deserving of a Gatorade bath  (via @cjzero):