Sunny & Gabe – Free Candy (Album)

Sunny Gicz is one of my new favorite artists (check out her single cialis patient information here which features Gabe).  Here you can check out omni loans locations new album titled Free Candy. I am looking forward to checking out this album and will definitely listen to the stream below.  You can download the album from their owner construction loans if you are a fan.

Check out Sunny and Gabe’s thoughts on the album below:


It’s been a long time coming (maybe it just feels like it), but “Free Candy” is finally here.  A year ago, we met each other and soon thereafter realized that our creativity in collaboration took things to an insane level.  After just a month or so, we decided to take our stuff and do “something” with it.  From the beginning, our songs meant so much more than three minutes of sound designed to impress someone.  Our material has been created with no effort to be anything in particular.  We are decidedly without a genre and direction and decisions have come from nothing but our hearts and souls.  With no budget, we have created a group of songs to introduce ourselves to the world.  As DIY works a lot better when you have ridiculously talented friends, “Free Candy” has been made a reality with the help of more than a couple of golden individuals:  Daniel Moore, Nichole Ashikis, drummer extraordinaire Thomas Kargbo, Eric Godsey [Selves – Lover’s Lane], Parris Pierce [Mixing] , Young Titi [Mixing], Ced Hughes [YDS – Hey], Brandon Jarod [Hey], Akeem Duncan & the folks from Quiet Lunch and ROX gallery, DDot Omen, Mike G, Benjamin Briggs, George Booker, Jelisa Osouna, Bradford Davis, the lovers in the 757, Jason Fugh, Alchemy NFK, Lionel Sapp, Christopher “Juschleekee” Revels, Life + Times, A+ room mate Stefan Skeeter and many, many more.


Yeah, what she said.. VA!