Justin Timberlake’s “TKO” remix featuring ASAP Rocky, Pusha T, and J Cole

Justin Timberlake’s “TKO”  now has a new remix featuring the current crop of hip-hop stars featuring  ASAP Rocky, Pusha T, and J Cole. The track itself see’s a limited track rework and JT on the hook. What is most notable is J. Cole who issues a response to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Control”:

Cole to the rescue, never save a ho // Hoes like to hide their behavior though // Thought you was a down ass bitch // ‘Til I found that shit a couple days ago // I was home alone, next thing I know // That long as verse from a song called “Control” was on // The room got nearer, the tomb got clearer // That’s when I seen the shit playin’ on your phone // Girl, what is that? A ringtone? // Shit, not you too // Man that hype done got you too // Everybody and their momma gassed // Even my momma asked what I’mma do // Decisions, decisions // In case this is war, then I load up on all ammunition // If a nigga want problems, my trigger’s on auto // I’ll make sure that nobody miss him // Now pack up your shit, you don’t believe in me // I don’t need you, I got me, bitch // Same nigga moved to NYC, bitch // Got a record deal and a college degree, bitch // Two gold plaques, I produced all the tracks // And I never ever ever leave no Jay Z, bitch // And after all that achievement // Real nigga never even went and got his teeth fixed // Now you try to play me, bitch? // I’ll knock your ass out

Listen to the “TKO” remix below (via http://uristocrat.com/category/uristocrat/page/652/).