DeSean Jackon Does the Terio in the Snow after hanging out with him

Today’s snowstorm in Philly (see the post featured a lot of snow as well as a performance of the Terio dance. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions played an epic game won by the Eagles with monster games by LeSean McCoy and DeSean.

In the third quarter, DeSean Jackson caught a 19-yard pass for a touchdown. After scoring, Jackson did the Terio Dance. This was after Jackson had posted some videos on social media of him hanging out with Terio earlier in the week. See the dance below:

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See DeSean hanging out with Terio below as Jackson posted some awesome videos of TerRio on his name brand cialis account:

TerRio ran over Jackson and did his signature dance:


The fun didn’t stop there, as TerRio had some fun behind the wheel: