Okayplayer Mixtape Monday lists the 13 Best Mixtapes Of 2013

dui record presents its best 13 Best Mixtapes of 2013. These are the projects that are deemed unofficial and/or experimental album; but were given away for free. This is how Okayplayer described it:

No these are the 13 best example of that other kind of mixtape; the unofficial and/or experimental album; given away for free, possibly using uncleared samples and generally free from the restrictions that commerce, calendars and other aspects of real life can impose on sonic skill and creativity. This is an important distinction because the main reason we are honoring this as a separate category in 2013 is that there’s too many great releases we couldn’t include on our Top 13 Albums of 2013 because to one degree or another they were not official album releases, and in some ways, not the same kind of considered artistic statement either. But they’re still too dope not to get a mention–and, increasingly, in the age of the freEP, they are emerging as the engine and the signifying unit of music.

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1. Q-tip x Busta Rhymes – The Abstract & The Dragon
2. Kelela – Cut 4 Me (Fade To Mind)
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4. The Child of Lov – Crying Thunder
5. Underachievers – Indigoism
6. Kool AD – 63 + 19
7. Flying Lotus – Ideas + Drafts + Loops
8. Action Bronson x Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2
9. Vic Mensa – INNANETAPE
10. Le1f – Fly Zone
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12. Jai Paul – Untitled
13. Elbee Thrie [Phony PPL] – 53,000 Mixtape

Honorable Mixtapes: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap (disqualified only because it made our Top 13 of ‘real’ albums); Soul Rebels – Drop The PowerOverdoz – BoomChris Dave x The DrumhedzRoc Marciano – The Pimpire Strikes Back