Have you heard of the Jelly App? Here’s how to use it

Twitter cofounder Biz Stone just launched new startup and it’s called Jelly. The app,  just released just a week ago on cialis levitra viagra which is good and cialis 10mg vs 20mg,  is a question and answer app accompanied by photos. Think Instagram meets Quora. The app lets you take a photo of an object, ask a question relating to it and then posting it to your extended network to learn more.

After just a week in both app stores, 100,000 questions have been asked, with only about 25% of them receiving an answer. According to his report, Jelly saw 8,275 new active users on the day of its launch, with 5,183 people asking and 5,527 answering. Most users have been asking some variation of “What is this?” followed by “Who is this?”

Check out the app. We tried it out and it was pretty cool. It seem’s helpful if you find a new toy and need a question answered quickly, with photos!

Watch the video below to learn more about Jelly.