Mobb Deep release “Taking You Off Here”

Mobb Deep is back with a new release that is fire.  The track is titled “Taking You Off Here” and will be featured on their  upcoming The Infamous Mobb Deep LP that’s due to drop in March. Here’s an excerpt from P and Havoc below on the project:

“It comes with a bonus ten songs that we made in 1994 when we were creating the Infamous album that never made the album. We recently just found those old songs, and there’s verses on there from Ghostface, Raekwon, from me, N.O.R.E., the whole team, that was never heard before, that was never released. Certain skits.

I would just say, our signature sound is a dark, sinister-type of sound. There’s certain things we’re going through in our lives right now, [and] the lyrics are just up to date. Everything that we’re saying is going on right now. Each album is like that, it’s a time capsule of that time period. So now in 2014, you’re gonna hear what we’re going through in our lyrics, what’s going through our head as grown men.”