Watch Party Supplies’ new video “Working Out” featuring Fat Jew

levitra how fast does it work releases a new video from one of my favorite albums of 2013,  cialis for sale in usa. The  video features  the Fat Jew who goes through an entire lifetime through the 3 minute 36 second video.

What happens when actor / entertainer / dionysian life coach Fabrizio Goldstein (aka The Fat Jew) puts his buttery touch on Party Supplies’ anthemic “Working Out”? A gleefully NSFW epic about life, love, and jail that somehow finds emotional truth in absurd, wildly immature toilet humor. You’ll get a little verklempt.

About Party Supplies:

Party Supplies is the American Dream. It is the sound of Justin Nealis, producer behind critically-acclaimed rap collabs with Action Bronson (Blue Chips) and Danny Brown (“Grown Up”) setting up a mic stand behind his MPC and strapping on a Stratocaster. Joined by multi-instrumentalist Sean Mann, the two write classic rock from the future. Half Chromeo, half Easy Rider, the Brooklyn duo drop blue collar funk, school gym foot-stompers, and yearning city boy ballads over drum machine beats on their forthcoming Fool’s Gold debut LP. Inhale and salute.

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