DJ RtodaIzza’s thoughts on the Super Bowl

For as bad of a Super Bowl that was from an entertainment aspect, as a fan of football I loved that for the first time in a while (maybe the 07 Colts, 2000s Ravens & the Cowboys/49ers Superbowls of the 90s) we finally got a a definitive answer on who the best team in the league is. As much as I enjoyed some of the past few Superbowls some of the teams that have won the last few years just felt like flukes or just the result of having a league full of parity i.e.: The Giants & Ravens. Almost similar to the NCAA tournament in that it felt like if they replayed the playoffs & Superbowl 100 times you’d get different results.

We can argue all day about who was the best team in the NFL in many of the past 5-10 seasons, this year the Seattle Seahawks were definitely the best team in football. As much as we all love a close game, there’s beauty & greatness in a dominant performance. The day 1 consensus best two teams in the league made the Superbowl & one dominated the other with defense in a era where defense no longer exists. I can appreciate that.