Heineken Green Room: Just Blaze at Silk City

Be a Heineken Green Room VIP!

Here’s your chance to become a Heineken Green Room member!  Win a VIP card for access to the most exclusive contests, special events and premium giveaways – like a very special marquis concert featuring Just Blaze at Silk City!  From producing beats from Blue Print to his latest releaseHigher along with touring the world to make people dance, his next stop is right here, the super producer and legendary DJ will perform a special up close and personal DJ set for Heineken Green Room members and 1 guest each.

Winners will receive access for themselves and a friend as well as a Heineken Green Room card that automatically makes you a VIP member.  Only winners of the contest will be notified by Heineken Green Room on Thursday, February 9th.

You must be 21 or over to enter. Stay on the look out for more Heineken Green Room contests and events coming your way!

ENTER BELOW with your full name and subject line  for your chance to win.

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