DJ RtoDA IZZA: I told myself I was done with Jordan’s last year

I told myself I was done with Jordan’s last year. I’ve simply reached the point where I’m tired of going through hell just to obtain a pair of sneakers, especially in an era where there’s so many dope sneakers you could stunt without the use of any one brand (specifically one that represents a brand from someone who doesn’t take pictures with niggas)……that said, I find it easier said than done when their product (which has truly decreased in quality) takes you back to a place when life was simple. As much as everyone wears retro Jordan’s because of the style, the sentimental value takes precedence over that….and in some ways I’m bothered when I’m competing with a kid who doesn’t value it the same…….Despite having these sneakers as a kid I was a huge UNC tarheels fan….specifically the 93-95 team with Rasheed Wallace (who my mom never ever lets me forget, was his teacher in middle school lol) & Jerry Stackhouse……but yeah, I will never ever ever forget how angry I was over the 95 ACC championship game when they wore these sneakers against Wake Forrest (with a young Tim Duncan). Randolph Childress had one of the greatest ACC tournament performances I’ve ever seen……completely destroyed UNC. I cried so hard after this game I went outside and just picked a fight with some random kid just for living, prodigy Mobb deep style. Lol anyways, If you go on YouTube and search Randolph Childress crossover you’ll see him crossing over Jeff McGinnis and as he falls you see the bottom of these beautiful Jordan X’s.

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