Jamie xx releases the video for “Sleep Sound”

Jamie xx releases the video for his latest single  “Sleep Sound”. The video comes directed by London-based artist and poet Sofia Mattioli, the clip draws upon the listening experiences of a dozen members of the Manchester Deaf Centre, whose ages range from five to 27. Mattoli had this to say about the video:

“I was on a train listening to music, getting deep into it, and this girl started staring at me. After a while I took my headphones off and she came up to me, started signing and then wrote me a note to say that she was deaf but could almost feel the music by my movement. The relationship between silence and music is a big part of what I am trying to express with my work, says Mattioli. The first kid in the video, Archie, was bliss—all of them were amazing. I hope this is a project I can develop further.”

The track will be featured on Jamie’s upcoming project “Girl”/”Sleep Sound” out May 5 via american airlines amr bankruptcy.